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Columbus, GA


32.4609764, -84.9877094


FIEcrū began as an indie record label started by cousins Nikki McKnight and Ty Davis.

We started putting our logo on merchandise so that we would have an identity for our company when attending events. Pretty soon people started asking for shirts and hoodies because they liked the way the Dragon looked and also loved the meaning behind the name. Next we decided to go ahead and get some merchandise pressed up to help get the brand name around and also fund the marketing for our artists. Things didn’t quite work out with the artists, but people were still asking for the merchandise. The demand for it was rapidly increasing and there was even an incident where someone went and got the Dragon tattooed on their body without permission.

That’s when I (Nikki) decided to get it trademarked and make it official. Some minor adjustments were made to the logo by myself and the artist to distinguish it from the one that had been used for the tats and low and behold, it looked even better. Ty started to create new designs for the Dragon and I took over the business end. We collaborate with the promotion and have even partnered with another brand to provide masks for those who want to have style while protecting themselves during the pandemic. Everyone we work with (partnering brands, brand ambassadors, and all of our customers have become like family to us, which is what the FIEcrū brand is all about. We are all one big ‘Family Is Everything crew’.