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MKP is Columbus’ premier hair removal salon specializing in customized hair removal of both face and body for men & women. We can’t wait to work with you.

Natasha Staples is a licensed esthetician, certified SugarLoveTM Trainer, and entrepreneur who opened MKP Waxing Salon, LLC in 2015. What started as a service available at host establishments, quickly grew into the independent waxing and sugaring salon it is today.

As an expert in the business with more than 14 years of experience, owner Natasha is known as one of Columbus’ hair removal gurus and is a leader in customer service. As a Wax and Sugar Artist, Natasha is dedicated to delivering excellence in every service performed in her salon. Every Wax Artist that works at MKP spends at least 2 months training with Natasha to learn her time practiced techniques, regardless of how long they have worked in waxing prior to joining the MKP Team. This ensures they are providing services to the MKP standard. Beyond providing excellent services, Natasha is passionate about creating a positive space where her clients feel relaxed and respected. She makes “walk-in confident leave pretty” her personal mission.